Quick Tips for Card Kits

Card Kits offer great value for the money. Here is this month’s Featured Card Kit: Flowers for Every Season:

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With these tricks that you can apply to every set of card papers that you have you will be making fresh cards to sweeten every occasion!

  • 1. Sort your materials. Card packs come in sizes and range of colors, so put them in order that makes sense to you. I actually sat down on the floor and spread the materials out around me! Whatever works!
  • 2. Look at the elements and find the ones that resonate with you quickly. Stampin’ Up! Card stock is double sided so check both sides of the papers
  • 3. Identify the card pieces that naturally can be used in parts: Sentiments can be cut out, cards can turn into frames, some you will like one piece of the card and decide you aren’t ready to create with another piece of it.
  • 4. Match up base cards with the larger pieces in your kit.
  • 5. Choose one or two smaller card pieces to use on each card base.
  • 6. Identify which pieces you are going to cut apart or die cut.
  • 7. Adhere the pieces and embellish with die cuts from the kit and your own stash, then add a little bling!

Check back here for the video that shows you how to make these cards and a few more!

As you can see the sketches for these cards are super simple! Have fun trying them out! I’d love for you to upload your creations with this kit in the comments below!

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